Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sally Quinn And Resignation - WaPo Birdcage Liner

Sally Quinn from the WaPo is all over the White House about getting people to resign. Sullivan and Rogers have to go, somebody around Napolitano has to fall on a sword. I plowed through 17 pages of Google with "Sally Quinn Bush official resign" and what managed to get was this regarding Mark Sanford.
"I really do think the bottom line is toughing it out -- you have to absolutely have the thickest skin there ever was -- and you just have to say, 'Sorry, I'm not leaving,' " she said.

"You can try to win back the people if you want, but the only way you can do that is to keep your mouth shut and work really hard to do your job."

The was some crap about her speculating that Cheney would resign in favor of Fred (Droopy) Thompson or at least that some GOPers wanted him to. There were some forced resignations in the BushCo but finding her calling for them is fruitless. In the BushCo you really had to have your dick in a vice to have to resign, none of this PartyCrasher shit would do without a dead boy in some guy's bed to go along with it.

There was a male prostitute posing as a White House press correspondent tossing softballs to THE PRESIDENT with White House logs showing him entering and not leaving and for Sally Quinn ... crickets. This kind of crap is why I dropped my subscription to the WaPo. This link wouldn't even be here if she weren't all over the media screeching.

Now, I'll admit that I do think there are a pretty fair number of BushCos that belong in orange jumpsuits and manacles for provable crimes ... but I write a no-rate (not even third-rate) blog as a nail banger...


Kari Chisholm said...

When White House counsel Greg Craig was fired ... many Obama supporters were troubled. Craig was one of the most admired and trusted men in Washington. His firing was a turning point for a lot of people, who began to question the president's judgment.

Wow. Could you get a more inside-the-beltway villager point of view?

I follow politics pretty closely, and I didn't even know that Greg Craig had been fired (nor do I much care.)

But the president's judgment is now in question because he (and/or his chief of staff) decided they wanted a new lawyer? Really?


Chuck Butcher said...

FYI, Kari is the publisher of Blue Oregon, home to friends of mine as well as among the finest blogging Oregon has to offer. Link on the side bar - go there.