Monday, January 11, 2010

Non-predictions - Ain't Gonna Happen

My friends over at Blue Oregon have more nerve than I do - they've predicted things happening for the year and decade. I'm a bit less self-assured, you get my version of no way in hell:

The GOP will drop the politics of fear.

Congressional Democratic Majorities will result in liberal/progressive laws.

Somebody/anybody will do something about the increasing disparity of wealth in the US.

Labor will regain respectability as a vocation.

The US won't be at war with some third-rate nation.

Religion will cease to divide this country and stop trying to control it.

Race and gender will cease to be political footballs.

The GOP will take on responsible governance as its actual policy.

I'm gonna get rich and have lots of readers....


1 comment:

Zak Johnson said...

You forgot we'll discover unicorns hiding in the rainbow have come to cure global warming. I share your outlook.