Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Fox's Iranian Moment***And Doubles Down

I don't care a bit about golf, not even a little bit. My abilities at that sport consist of of smacking hell out of the ball to get on the green in a couple and then - 20 putting or some such. I'd as soon watch paint dry as watch somebody chase a little white ball around a big grassy space. If you like the game, well, you do and I don't.

I understand stars and I even understand them thanking their god for the opportunity to compete. What I don't understand is a so-called news network shilling for a religion - any religion. Fox News claims to be a serious news organization and other non-Murdochian media have jumped to their defense when they've been challenged on their shit. You can tell this bunch from the Iranians exactly how?

If you watch something like CBN you know what you're doing and mean to do it and I could care less about them - they're right up front with their stuff. They make no pretense to be something other than what they are. There is the dishonesty of Fox being a wing of the RNC without disclosing it and then there is this. This ought to clue you in as to what Republicanism stands for - another theocracy to plague the world.

I could waste hours of your time quoting Brit Hume and counter-posing those quotes to those of Jesus Christ to make him look ridiculous. Whatever good there is in Christianity is not what these profiteers of looniness spread. What flat evades me is how the behavior of their heroes doesn't clue their viewers in. Family values my ass...
No kidding, now the dumbass has doubled down-with.

Sure Billo, Colson's conversion was real - as opposed to...WJC? Or maybe the Sanford, Vitter, or Ensign family values you so espouse - or maybe your loofah? Did it convert? It's got one of them furrin names...surely it's staying away from telephones? You've got to be brain dead or a practicing hypocrite to take these people seriously. I'm sorry - but if you engage in this level of stupidity you are an asshole and should take up watching film of waves rolling on the beach for information. No, nobody was picking on any religion...

Is Hume on drugs, have a stroke, or just got a mouth full of baby Jesus dolls?

Poke me in the eye with a dull stick if I ever act this asinine.


Phil said...

Do you play pool, Chuck? That's "golf" for sane people.

Brit Hume obviously knows nothing about Buddhist philosophy, but he's a perfect example of why I disregard anyone who's presumptuous enough to get in my face about their religion.

The point of your rant is well taken, as it's spot on.

Zak Johnson said...

How Brit can say that with a straight face is astonishing. That his passes for a news program even more so. He must not watch the real news much, especially the parade of self-righteous bible-thumping opportunists walking up to the lectern to explain their "wide stances" and "hikes on the Appalachian Trail." What a doofus.

Best quote I saw about Tiger Woods was something like, "If his wife had been French instead of Swedish, she'd be laughing the whole thing off and flaunting her new $150,000 necklace." Word.