Monday, January 11, 2010

Reid's Big Mouth

So, there's a media and Confederate Party of Republicanism feeding frenzy around Sen Harry Reid's private remarks regarding Barack Obama. The target is statements about then candidate Obama being a fairly light skinned black and not using dialect unless he chose and his appeal as a Presidential candidate not being hurt.

There are such things as realities and politicians ignore them at their peril. Making note of a candidate's skin tone as a black man and his manner of speech during a conversation about a candidate's chances in an election would be suicidally stupid to do from a stage and yet be an accurate assessment. Who the hell is it that thinks American politics is about polite conventions? It might be infuriating that such metrics exist in this country, but it is scarcely racism to note them in a private conversation.

What I find particularly funny is GOPers practicing dog whistle racism and even less subtle forms and losing their minds in service to political correctness - that PC they laugh at and castigate the media for. The media being stupid is simply a feature of that enterprise. I look for no improvements in either.


Jeff Alworth said...

It's a classic case of doublespeak confusion. Long practitioners of using racist code language to speak to fellow-travelers, the GOP mistake Reid's clumsy proclamation about civil rights for their own code. Proving, humorously, that such a code has been a central piece of elective strategy for 45 years.

Chuck Butcher said...

You can cure ignorance, but you can't cure stupid.