Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Who Exactly Is Taylor Marsh?

Apparently Hillary shill Taylor Marsh is who she claims to be, sort of. Kind of like the candidate she espouses she makes mountains out of molehills, sufficiently to be paid attention to. John Brown over at Prepare Yourselves For A Settlement took a looksee for himself. Curiosity got the better of him when she started showing up all over the place. It wasn't her writing or her thinking that prompted it, he finds her as tiresome as I do, but she just showed up and that's odd.

There is a queer sort of confluence between Hillary's Bosnia stuff and Taylor's claims, the sort of thing that goes with Hillary was in Bosnia and there was an airport... Go check the pseudonymous John out for the details. I don't even care that much about Taylor, but I enjoyed his writing. He's the newest addition to the Blogroll.


Hart Williams said...

Yeah, Taylor Marsh is a piece of work, all right. She uses her blog, her radio show and her gig with the Huffington Post to, seemingly, repeat Right Wing/GOP talking points about Obama -- convinced that St. Hillary can do no wrong, and that Obama, by challenging Her Testiness, must be in league with the Devil.

That's why she's our BARKING MOONBAT OF THE MONTH for April. Anyone who wants to use the animated graphic is welcome to. ;-)

John Brown of Kansas said...

Thanks for noticing, commenting, linking and being reader 51.

I'll be returning the favor (linking) in un momento.

John Brown
Confused about Guns

Billy Delyon said...

Howdy Chuck,
I was just doing a Google Blog search for 'Hillary clinton's negatives', & your article 'Senator Clinton And The Democratic Party, Where Now? (Redux)' came up, I hit the link and read! (great post by the way).

I then was looking at your Archive titles, and saw this post.
Having just discovered John Browns blog last weekend, its quite a coincidence (for me) that you two have a posting subject in common.

Strange how that internets work's.
Taylor Marsh is a piece of work.
John Browns work on her stands on its own, classic funny reads his Marsh stuff is. I have enjoyed reading his funny insights.
I definitely enjoyed what I've read here as well this eve.
Look forward to future visits.
P.S. Have you ever been to 'No Quarter'?
Much like Taylor, those guys seem to have picked up a serious case of the 'We Loathe Obama & His Kool Aid Drinking Followers Syndrome' as well. They definitely give Taylor a run for her money in the stretch & reach attempts at coming up with juicy "this time we got him" hit pieces.
Larry Johnson (the main man) is a former Intelligence CIA guy, so he can get creative, although, before he became a hillary shill, I thought he was capable of much more than he is actually now doing over there.... Not only are the folks that post over there batshitcrazy, the folks that comment on the posts.....Egad's!
Don't expect any 'reasonable' or 'rational' discussions with them though if you attempt to engage them in dialog. Thats kinda like the mission impossible. IMO of course.