Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Posting Vacation

I took a little vacation from posting, I just got a little too disgusted with the entire news cycle to engage. I may be back at a regular pace, now. I may not. There just is a limit to the amount of stupidity I'm willing to write about, I can get so swamped by it that I just can't focus. Honestly, when I can't seem to sort out whose been stupidest between George II, Hillary, McSame, various surrogates, the media, and the plutocrats and whose didoes deserve my limitted time resources, I just throw up my hands. People do make mistakes, but this last two weeks has been a damn near non-stop parade of stupidity and greed.


Phil said...

There is, or was--I haven't been through there in 25 years--a claw-hammer hanging on the wall of the old Arco truck stop restaurant (Hwy. 97, north of K-Falls), its handle pointing straight down. An accompanying sign read, "Got to rest sometime." Believe me, Chuck, I know the feeling. Put the hammer down when you're ready.

Chuck Butcher said...

I believe I have a responsibility to write in a reasonable and fair manner and the level of disgust and flat out anger that's been my reaction to recent events precluded that. I may use some harsh language when ticked off, but I'd rather not do the spit spraying lunatic version.