Saturday, April 05, 2008

John McCain / McSame - Four More Years !!!

John McCain, VietNam Vet / POW with his Straight Talk Express as full of self-satisfied media as bullshit is supposed to be some sort of Republican Maverick. Now I'll certainly admit that back around 2000 the guy showed some signs of independent thinking, that was then and this is now. In VietNam John demonstrated service to his nation and physical courage in the face of an implacable and ruthless enemy, that qualifies him as a brave and honorable man, but he's not running for a sign on his lawn or the town square, he thinks he's Presidential material.

People remember McSame opposing BushCo tax cuts for the rich, they seem to miss his adament refusal to do anything about them. McSame opposed torture, for about two weeks, then he caved and caved so dishonestly as to let people think we don't torture. At one time he tried to hold the Religious Right nutcases at arm's length - no longer - now it is virtually spit swapping. He's claimed distance with BushCo over Iraq, what complete nonsense, he voted for everything George II asked for and his only complaints were that he wanted more of the same than GWB did. There was no difference in policy or philosophy, just degree. John McCain seems to have left all his nerve and honor someplace inaccessible since BushCo whacked him in the Primary.

It's politically dangerous to not swap spit with the wingnuts so he does, it's politically dangerous to swap spit with George II so he doesn't. It is also politically dangerous in the Republican loon party to do something different than BushCo so he won't. If you want George W Bush in intellect (5th from bottom at Annapolis??), honor, candor, policy, fear mongering, and considerable more years of corrupt associations John McSame is your guy. The rest of it is media fostered political campaign mythology. To be sure, I have a low opinion of Hillary Clinton, but next to McSame she's a paragon of virtue and change - insult by association, I'm afraid and yet given only that choice I'd vote Clinton in a heartbeat. (nose held, gag reflex suppressed)

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