Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Duh Moments

John McSame cannot get straight who Al Qaeda is regarding Shia, Sunnis, and Iran and is insistent that Iran is our enemy. We are going to win or lose the war in Iraq and the Democrats will assure our defeat with reckless lack of responsible leadership. Hey John, Al Qaeda is Sunni, Iran is Shia, Iraq is majority Shia and by the way, we won this thing 4 years ago. Try to pull your senile old mind together, Iraqi army destroyed, no WMDs, Saddam toppled, all BushCo's military agendas accomplished, four years ago. Now the fact that you keep moving the goal posts has nothing to do with what you said was the goal at the time. YOU said, old man.

More duhs, mine this time. I was getting ready for some business meetings when the Petraeus hearings were going on, I had time for a bit of it and I did get to see Hillary ask intelligent questions make important points and, of course, see John McSame kiss butts. What got me stuck for awhile was Sen. Norm Coleman confusing me with a series of questions that left me wondering what was going on. My memory at the moment was stuck on this guy being one of the real hawks at the outset of George II's inclinations to invade Iraq. The questions seemed to be a pleading for some happy answers and not getting them. I was stuck, what is this? Later, thanks to Dan Abhams, the light, named Al Franken. Norm is running against Al, funny guy politico turned serious Senatorial candidate. Norm was looking for something to take home to Minnesota and wasn't getting it. Stay the course wasn't what he wanted, but it sure was what he got.

The real duh moment belongs to the media. What gave these people the idea that Senatorial hearings were moments to be Presidential? The answers were predictable and predictably evasive and those questioned were a 4 star General and a ranking Ambassador. Using these two as political targets is incredibly dangerous - that is why they're there and not George II who belongs there. He gets to hide behind someone's uniform and service. The only candidate able to use this to any advantage was John McSame who kissed butt adequately. If that is an advantage with anyone sane...

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