Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Stay The Course

Defining moments, missions accomplished, success, victory, bullshit. You expected what? Something, anything to be said that amounted to more than the BushCo mantra? Why would you think such a thing? The people sitting in front of Military and Foreign Relations Committees today were Gen Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker, two Bush shills with a Bush line to sell, or rather parrot. The line no longer sells with much more than the 28% Bush dead-enders, 61% of Americans now prefer a timeline for exit from Iraq.

John McCain got to fawn over the BushCo doctrine and once again confuse Shia and Sunni and relations with Al Qaeda. Hillary got the chance to point out that the BushCo agreement about continuation of forces would be in front of the Iraqi Parliament and not the US Congress. Barack managed to try to get the pair to acknowledge that there is no exit strategy or achievable end. In the end it was the same story, we're doing this - suck it up. We're staying the course.

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