Monday, April 14, 2008

Hillary Wishes She Could Say

I don't mind politics, I engage in it, but I do get a bit twisted by out and out nonsense. Politico runs a story "What Clinton Wishes She Could Say" that asserts that the Clinton campaign regards Obama as a trainwreck as a nominee and she is trying to save Democrats from themselves because of all the things she can't say in a Democratic Primary and Republicans will say. There certainly is a reservoir of Republican 527 attacks that haven't been made against Obama. What is entirely neglected is the Hillary/Bill reservoir.

I'm not going to do their work for them. I will point to the Republican extra-electoral campaigns against them during the 90s and to Hillary's record since and let you do your own calculations. The two defences that Hillary has that Obama does not is that she is white and female. The Muslim thing is meaningless in regard to anyone who would vote Democratic. Hillary can set a narrative that the Republicans can use her own words to validate later, what she says is public record and quite available for use in a 527 campaign or even a McCain ad. Her campaign would be well served to remember this as they move on in the Democratic campaign.

I'll be even more frank, neither of these two should talk about guns. Obama has made it clear that his analysis is that the 2nd Amendment is an individual right, OK, say that and shut up. For Hillary to go anywhere near that topic with her record is completely stupid. The chances of that being something that will be missed by anyone who cares in the least about the Second Amendment is vanishingly small. STFU.

Neither candidate is going to be free of attacks from the Republican attack machine. Hillary's negative numbers are what they are and Obama's are what they are and they are not the the same - hers trump. I cannot begin to see what advantage her campaign imagines they gain by bringing up Republican attack ads. I stick entirely to facts and don't exaggerate them and I have little difficulty posing problems for her, serious problems, with anyone who is not totally committed to her. They get angry with me, but they cannot debunk.

For anyone, Politico, to propose that the super delegates (gads I that term) are unaware of Clintonian baggage versus Obama's is ludicrous. These are actual dedicated political people. Their backgrounds make clear that they will look closely at political calculations of strength and weakness and do so with fairly clear eyes. This is not a "wish" that is frustrated, the supers already know, this is a 'leak' for effect. She doesn't wish she could say, she's said it sufficiently through her leakages of supposedly private concerns. If Politico, for pete's sake, runs it out it is out there and not accidentally.

So what? Really quite seriously, this is some kind of story that gets these hacks onto television? I realize that my two bit blog calling Politico hacks might seem a bit uppity, but damn. This mess, honestly, generated just short of 2200 comments. My entire output for a week doesn't get that many readers, and frankly, if I had to that stupid to get them I'd rather not. I'll leave truly stupid to those guys and feel grateful for my readership's quality.


John Brown of Kansas said...

From a purely vote-gathering, political perspective your recommendations re: guns are so true that I'm nodding uncontrollably even now.

Hey, if either feels a real discussion about their perspective on gun control is important, votes be damned, I'm 100% in favor of the discussion.

But if the objective is victory, it is lunkheaded to chat guns or to run around brandishing them like a complete goof.

John Brown
Boom Boom Boom Boom

Chuck Butcher said...

If those two want to pay for the autocratic position that the citizens of the US should trade that position for one of subject they are free to be that stupid. Nothing will undo their previous statements and votes so they certainly are free to hand the election to John McCain in pursuit of unConstitutional attempts to make law abiding Americans the scapegoats for criminals and the plutocratic mismanagement of our economy that engenders poverty and associated crimes. If the consequences of a McCain election weren't so horrid I'd be glad to have either made an object lesson.