Monday, April 21, 2008

PA Votes Tuesday, Finally

Thank god, these people are finally going to get to vote. I suppose Pennsylvania is a nice enough place and they do have a pretty large delegate count, but I'm a little tired of this hugely important, make or break, gigantimous contest. It seems as though the faux importance of a place and the time spent there generates an inordinate amount of ... I'll catch hell for this ... stupidity. Maybe all this pre-primary run up took care of all the issues, covered all the bases, the candidates got to show they were smart and dedicated and it's all worn out now. Now we need flag pins and shots, little girls with duck guns and bitter, who whined the most, and who said the stupidest thing behind closed doors, and finally is that a bird or an itch. For pete's sake, please vote Pennsylvania, I can't take much more of the media taking this crap seriously. I know, there are other states and lots more opportunities, but the damn scenery will change.

If I hear another candidate's supporter threaten to support McCain in the face of the other winning the Primary, I think I'll puke. Two Democrats are running against each other, Democrats and somehow John, 4 more years, McCain comes into the question? I don't care if I find out that Hillary actually did bite the head off that rat, I'll vote for her. John McCain is a hard core Republican and that's really fine if that is where you're at and where you want to go. You cannot support either Hillary or Barack and pretend that John McCain speaks to you. This enters the realm of absolute fantasy.

For some unknown reason these two have started talking about guns and trying to get their owners to think they're cool. Hillary fired a shot gun as a little girl and what...continuously made the most atrocious statements regarding firearms? The only Second Amendment friendly statement Barack has ever made was that it reads as an individual right. What kind of morons do they take us for? I'll vote for them despite not because of what they believe about firearms because the Republican alternative is too horrid to contemplate. If they become absolute morons on the question then we'll be back in court, again. Please quit insulting me, that's all.

Without changing scenery the newscasters get bored and have to start making something out of nothing. Bored newscasters are dangerous, it's not that they use the unfilled time to start thinking and looking things in depth, they fill with nothing and call it issues. Elevating nonsense to national prominence devalues the entire process and turns candidates into caricatures of themselves. It has reached the point where I find the news from Comedy Central's Daily Show or Colbert Show about as relevant as the major media news.

I realize that it is vastly interesting to watch two ambitious powerful people battle it our in public. It is particularly interesting that we people are their judges, jury, and in one case executioner. Someone's ambitions are going to be thwarted and someone's rewarded; so media attraction is guaranteed. Funny thing though, there is still a lot of importance going on in the world and it matters a whole lot more than lapel pins and shots of Crown Royal. Thank you Pennsylvania for the entertainment, but can we now please move on...

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