Monday, December 25, 2006

These Are Christmas Presents

The New York Times tells about a serious shortage striking Wall Street, the kind of thing that really shouldn't happen to these folks. Apparently there's too much money and not enough stuff for them to buy. I'm sure we can all remember BushCo whining about not getting credit for this great economy, well, here it is folks, his economy. Please try to keep in mind that it will tinkle down on you. No, you can forget about servicing one of the $250,000 Ferraris but if you're a nail bender you might get to work on one of the 2350 square foot two bed/two bath $7,000,000 apartments if not the $20,000,000 ones. Mind you, this isn't wages, it's bonuses, you know, kinda like the turkey your boss sent home with you; if you got that, my guys got laid-off.

I suppose none of you is smart enough or worked hard enough to deserve a $53.4 million stocking stuffer, evidently some of them have been. I'm not jealous, but I could puke.


Zak J. said...

Quote from the article: “Last year, everybody bought Ducatis,” said one investment banker, referring to the Italian motorcycle. “This year it’s vacations. I’m on my way to St. Barts,” he said, en route to the airport.

"Everybody" bought Ducatis. "Everybody." Well, I guess everybody HE knows. Funny to see these guys are so good at making money it doesn't occur to them to actually do anything worthwhile with it like save a species, fund a research institute, endow a college, contribute to the paupers' winter fuel fund, etc. But I guess teh Ducati makers' kids have to eat too.

This is the sort of crap that made so many turn to communism towards the end of the last guilded age.

Chuck Butcher said...

Personally I prefer Harleys, but I can't afford one or St Barts.