Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Suppose I Wreck Your Sleep Tonight...

I know that looking at the Administration's accomplishments over the last six years bears resemblance to what you'd get if you dumped ten pounds of Legos in front of a two year old, but what if...

There's actually meaning to it all?

Suppose that no group of adults could actually manage to behave that stupidly, that there is an end behind all the meaningless means. If you could devalue government statements sufficiently, if you could run the economy into the dirt, create a plutocracy, if you could bankrupt the central government, if you could corrupt legislators, if you could wreck the media, if you could bury the Constitution and Ancient English Law, and you could teach the military how to function in civil strife with a scared spitless population what would you have accomplished? Forget legal and moral restraints, work on this from the standpoint of wealth and power and where would this set get you to?

I'd rather I hadn't thought of this, I won't sleep well tonight. How about you?

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