Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Casey Jones...Better Look Out...Blow Your Horn

There's a train wreck ahead, six years of BushCo neglect and a bit more of other's and we've got some problems that don't have good solutions. When you let things go on for too long the consequences keep building up and multiplying until however you deal with them, it hurts.

We've been stupid in Iraq until we now are caught in the middle of a civil war in a disintegrating country. We can stay and bleed and help Iraqis blow their country up or we can leave and watch them blow it up. Either way, the standing, reputation, and honor of the US is blasted and people and soldiers become casualties of meaninglessness. Probably the only two questions unanswered are how many American casualties and which Party gets blamed. Well, there's money, too.

Illegal immigration has become an issue with no good solution - in massive terms. The utter indifference of the US government has led to a situation where there are 12-20 million people in this country with no business being here. Wages have become dislocated, education is over-stressed, social services are hammered, the tax structure is a joke, organized and disorganized criminal behavior is rampant, employers are criminals and the legal ones are losing their butts. Somewhere around 6% of the population is a disenfranchised criminal serf class and that class has citizen children. It no longer makes any difference what solution is applied, someone is going to get hugely screwed and most solutions only encourage the problem.

The US debt, here's cause for real tears. The United States of America is not only broke, it's bankrupt if anybody flinches. There's no money for the programs that exist, much less adding new ones, there just plain isn't the income to cover the interest and run all our existing programs. This debt is so huge that if the Iraq war ended at New Years and you taxed the wealthy to the point of confiscatory taxes there still wouldn't be money. If you sunk the tax shovel deep into corporate soil there isn't money. Even driving down to poverty level income with harsh taxes won't do it. Going to the point of pain for earners above poverty will only start a turn around if there's fiscal sense in Congress. BushCo has guaranteed that a progressive social agenda is unaffordable and at some point taxes become economic disincentives. Then there's the Veto and the "tax and spend Democrats" label to be avoided.

Reasonable health care? See above. All three mean there's no escape from the status-quo slide, the Fed has huge liabilities for war casualties, there are 12-20 million serfs, and we're broke, anyhow.

Folks, the wheels are coming off, we're running out of track, and there's no nerve anywhere to deal with it. Casey, blow your horn...

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