Monday, December 04, 2006

A Little Face to Face

The very nature of blogging creates a distance and anonymity amongst bloggers. If you're here you've had a chance to see my furry face, since I've got the ego to plaster it up here. Many bloggers prefer to remain faceless and anonymous, it is a sensible attitude and since what counts is the content, really immaterial to a blog.

I've managed to build a certain amount of friendship through the process of writing for you and commenting on various blogs without ever meeting those people. I'm a small town boy so that leaves me feeling a certain lack, so it was a pleasure for me to have a chance to meet Carla of Loaded Oregon over breakfast Sunday. I'm happy to say that the writing is reflective of the intelligent, attractive, warm lady I met Sunday.

I am personally acquainted with TA Barhart and Kari Chisholm through political endeavors and find them to have fine minds and engaging personalities. There are facets of people that may not come through in the written word and it is nice to have a little more of a handle on who the people are that you have respect for. I look forward to more face to face.

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