Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas Party Instead of Christmas Wake

It certainly was nice to have a DPO Christmas Party this year, instead of having a Christmas Wake. This was at the Melody Ballroom in Portland after the 4th Quarter Meeting and everybody was having a good time. There were some candidates, winners and near winners on hand, including newly minted Majority Leader Hunt and one of our favorites, Minnis Nemisis Rob Brading, along with others. This was a chance to celebrate, pat ourselves on the back, congratulate, and renew friendships.

The DPO meeting accomplished getting our bylaws revisions passed, and approving some Resolutions; one you may wish to notice - 2006-027 expressing our thanks to Chairman Dean for implementing the 50 State Strategy - which passed with a Unanimous Vote by Acclaimation. If you don't know much about Democrats, unanimity on any issue is extraordinary. There are those who'd tell us how to run our Party and whom to have run it, they could take this as the Democratic Party of Oregon's suggestion to, "take a hike."

I believe Klamath County gets the long distance award, but I'm also sure Baker County finished a fairly close second. It's a measure of enthusiasm and dedication that 79 Delegates and quite a few Alternates made the trip to Portland this time of year, not to mention all the staff and Executive Officers.

This blog isn't related to DPO except tangentially by my membership so I won't go into more detail than the stuff of general interest to a general reader. If you'd actually like to know more, the best way is by involvement.

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