Wednesday, December 20, 2006

AWOL Guardsman Vs Joint Chiefs of Staff

The WaPo is reporting that the Joint Chiefs are unanimous in their opposition to a "surge" in troop level in Iraq. Apparently they believe additional troops will draw foreign fighters and that the militias will simply disappear until they're gone, not to mention that the Chiefs can't find any mission to go with it. I don't see where they indicated they knew what the current mission is, if they do know, maybe they should clue us in.

The article is pretty long on anonymous sources, I don't suppose bearing this kind of information to the media is a career enhancer in this administration. This doesn't exactly help address the credibility of the report, but Tony Snow's dance around questions regarding it certainly lends some weight to it. I don't think anyone other than Fox probably felt informed to be told there isn't a "feud" between the White House and Chiefs. If this was going to get sorted out at ten paces with sidearms ...

Somehow I can't get the picture of George II in his Texas Guard flight suit out of my mind. Daddy's fair haired wanker headed AWOL must never have had in his wildest coke induced dreams the Joint Chiefs leaning across a table saying, "please Georgie, this sucks." GHW, you could've saved us all a lot of trouble if you'd just bitch slapped the little prick a bit more often.

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