Sunday, December 24, 2006

Religion Gone Wild

OK, I'm sick of it. I'm sick of the War on Christmas, War on Christians, Muslim Invaders, Saving Marriage, the whole damn mess. I've always been a friend to religion, despite having no recognizable one of my own, but that's beginning to be real difficult. I don't care if people tell me, "Merry Christmas," or, "Happy Holidays," they're just trying to be nice, that'll damn well do. I cannot for the life of me figure out how it is that Christianity is having a war waged on it in the United States of America, somewhere around 80% of the population identify as Christian, who is left with enough energy or power to do something to these people? On and on and on.

Listen up, if your religion does not improve your moral behavior and your treatment of your fellows it is not only a useless exercise in ritual, it is harmful, or downright dangerous. If you don't get that you're not paying any attention to your Books. Your intolerance and zeal is making it real difficult for me to get into the spirit of Christmas as a time of giving, where I'm getting to, is pissed off. It's starting to get to the point that every time I see a cross over a building I start wondering what sort of narrow meanness is being promulgated there. You are not martyrs, when you get fed to lions or hung up on crosses you can make that claim.

I know that there are a whole bunch of you that don't act that way, that do your best to improve yourselves and the lives of your fellows, but those others are starting to make enemies for you. They're engaging in self-fulfilling prophesies, at some point there will be a backlash against this kind of stupidity. The problem with backlashes is that the innocent get swept up in them along with the guilty. I hang onto my sanity about religion by paying attention to people like Rev. Chuck Currie and seeing them as the real face of religion. By the way, when Muslims or Jews or etc start with hate and discontent I have exactly the same reaction.

So, I'm going to say it and if you don't like it - so what:

Merry Christmas
and to all, a Good Night

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