Friday, November 10, 2006

Why Blog? Why Spend This Kind of Time On It?

I've made a change to the header reflecting this post. I've never spent much of my time in the Mainstream, I study things, I analyze them, then I synthesize an understanding and by some quirk, I frequently get things right and I am also usually out of step with a good sized chunk of my fellows. When I say I get things right, I am speaking about being validated after a passage of time, I certainly don't assert that what you read here is going to be right every time, just making sure you have some doubt when you disagree with me.

Blogging started out as an adjunct to an election campaign and a part of that campaign was to give a voice to people who didn't often get one and to do it straight up and straight ahead. No fooling, no side-stepping. I ran a campaign because I was tired of getting kicked around, myself and folks I know and it seemed like it was time to kick back. I don't like getting kicked around, and I'll be darned if I'll just take it. I'll speak up, I'll write a blog, I'll write to the papers, I'll completely lose my mind and run for office and not care if I'm the only one who is paying attention.

I'm not a pundit, I'm not a paid analyst, I make no money from this thing-I beat nails for that, but I get to have my say. If I also give you some amusement or validation or spark a new thought I've really gotten something done, I've gone past my original aim - to not be shut up. If I goad power that has lost its validity, I've really gotten somewhere, if they're really angry they've made me important and you important. And if they don't even know I'm alive, well, I do.

I've been getting some deliberate hits from some rather unusual places, 2 State governments, several state agencies, several impressive colleges, the US House, the Senate Sergeant at Arms, about a dozen different states and several countries, some started out linked from Blue Oregon and Loaded Orygun and have come back on their own. I'm not bragging, my hit count with searches included (accidentals) in a month doesn't equal BO's or LO's dailies. This is small potatoes, but if you're here in this strange place, you've got some strange company.

It's a nice thing that you stopped by to see what I had to say, I'm flattered that some of you come by regularly. If I ticked you off, that's good, you had to think about it to get there, if you liked something or learned something I'm glad to have been useful. Stop by anytime, have a drink of something and if you care to, tell me what you're thinking, then you've had your say.

Now I really suppose I should get back to raising hell.

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