Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Democrats, Taxes, and War and So What?

There can be little doubt that George II will veto any real move the Democrats might make regarding fixing his tax mess; and less doubt that there are not the votes to over-ride a veto. I suppose that going ahead and addressing that mess would look like politics. I suppose it actually would be politics. So what?

I suppose there is little the Democrats can do to the Commander-In-Chief to put an end to the war in Iraq that wouldn't be vetoed without the votes to over-ride. That would be just politics. So what?

Write the Bills up, pass them, have the veto over-ride vote and move on with lots of press activity. Yes it's politics to do it, and it's stupid politics if the Bills aren't well crafted and intelligent. It's also what they were elected to do. It also will show up the people responsible for their failure. This is Washington DC folks, this is where politics are done. Failure isn't a bad result when it's played properly. The stupid Republican amendments nonsense was just that, stupid politics, addressing no pressing problems this nation faces and obvious on their face as political maneuvering. These Bills would address the very real concerns of the Americans who elected the Democrats to Congress.

Or maybe the Democrats would prefer to go into 2008 with the voters saying, "So What??"

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