Thursday, November 23, 2006

Pardoning the Turkey

I saw a couple minutes of George Bush pardoning the turkey, turkeys actually, since there is a backup turkey. I was struck by contradictions. There's a backup turkey in case there's a turkey malfunction, um, how about Iraq? That's a turkey with no backup.

A pardoned turkey. It must be the obvious innocence of a 40 pound bird with a 2 ounce brain, no, not the President, he's more like 180 pounds. Domestic turkeys are born, raised, and sold to be killed and eaten, unlike human beings who are killed in war or tortured by the land of the free and the brave, and probably never had that destiny explained to them. I guess it pays to be a big dumb bird when it comes to the POTUS.

I'll be having prime rib Thanksgiving so I guess some big dumb bird is off that hook, some big dumb beef gets to pay, instead.

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