Friday, November 10, 2006

Hey Vets

Today is your day, shopping sales and dinner specials aside, today we stop our busy lives and say thanks. Thanks for the citizenship to volunteer, thanks for the bravery to follow through on America's decisions, thanks for all you've lost and all we gain. That's not a lot of words, I don't think thousands would do justice, so;



Ed Bickford said...

Thanks for recognizing our service; I spent a six-year stint on active duty in the Navy under the command of Ronald Reagan and Caspar Weinberger. Well, at least we weren't ordered to invade anyone. I felt somewhat better finding out what they were doing in building up the armed forces. I maintained electronic equipment for the greater glory of the U. S.

Chuck Butcher said...

No matter what the C-I-C gets up to, the service people deserve all the respect we can give them and our vets are due more thanks than we can actually give.
Thanks Ed
and thanks for coming by