Friday, November 03, 2006

I'll See Ya, Ole Pal

On Halloween Curt, my friend of 18 years, died. His wheels are stilled, I never knew him without the chair, but he never let it be his definition, either. Many things couldn't get him, and there sure were issues, but cancer finally was the one. I made time to see him as he failed and it hurt to watch him going, but it was important that he knew he counted with me. It was important that he knew that the kind of man he was meant something, that it was acknowleged by someone he liked.

I wrote before about Curt, about learning that cancer had caught up with him. I won't repeat myself with his praises, I'll simply state that I'll miss him. I'm better for having known him and he'll stay with me for as long as I'm around, as an example and as a friend. This is as good as I can do,

I'll see ya, ya ole goat.


Torrid said...

sorry to hear, Chuck. I'm sure Curt would have liked your tribute. Keep the memories close.


Chuck Butcher said...

Thanks TJ, he'll stay close. He was an example of why you never count a man out before he's dead.