Friday, November 10, 2006

The Rush To Blame

Obvious in the title, Rush Limbaugh says he lied because The Ends Justified The Means. Ok, whatever. He applauded people he now claims to find despicable - that would be: out of office and no longer influential. You know, like those despicable drug addicts.

Segway to the C-I-C, Donny you're fired. I'm the boss on a construction site and my guys don't get to just make it up as they go, it's done my way. I'm a little less important than the President, but we're supposed to feel like Donny made it up and now things are gonna change. Keeeripes, so Bob Gates is going to fix things inspite of the President.

Nancy Pelosi says the Democrats are going to reach across the aisle, they'd better count their fingers if they get the hand back.

I don't mind their "agenda" but here's some suggestions, Minimum Wage to match Oregon's, no opt outs, indexed. (NO tips DON'T count); lobbiest restrictions - limit to no-value promotional items, ie: ballcaps, key chains, etc, matching FEC restrictions on campaign items (buttons etc); real employee verification ability for employers matched by Davis-Bacon wage rate matching fines and jail time for illegal hiring, all officers from human resources up; Illegal Aliens invited to return home within 6 months, those remaining subject to fines, property confiscation, forcible deportation ; 2nd time same plus jail. Those leaving and registering get 1st up in their labor catagory (recognition that they have contributed); immediate roll back of Patriot Act, Terrorism Act, Detainees Bill - the Constitution and BOR will be respected, Voter Act tossed - no onerous voter reqirements, paper trails, research of institution of OR type Vote by Mail. Take up Wyden's Flatter Tax proposal, in the short term - exit all Bush Tax breaks except child deductions, add college/trade tax credit up to State College Tuition, move Alternative Minimum Tax to where it would be with indexing since institutuion and index. Get OUT of Iraq, period-I know, he's the Pres, well there are ball bats available. Real oversight, you're not going to impeach the guy so tie his hands.

Ok, realistically, minimum wage & lobby reform & ethics teeth & and tie his hands.

Hey Democrats, the voters fired that other bunch, that doesn't mean they like you, show them why they should've liked you. You've inherited a real mess, you've got a 5 year old for President that nobody's been watching, cronies have stolen the public blind, our kids are in debt forever, the public thinks you're all crooks and half of them don't vote and the Republicans are looking for a way to nail you to their cross. The Independents/NA that pushed you over the top are looking for an excuse to leave you and they won't help you. Now you get the blame.

It gets worse, your base is looking at you and expecting something, and that base is left and apparently nobody else is. Welcome to 2007.


verasoie said...

This is on the way to Speaker Pelosi's and Senate Leader Reid's respective desks, I presume (perhaps via the OR-Dem delegation)?

Causal said...
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Causal said...

Pelosi most likely said impechment was "off the table" to remove any appearance of conflict-of-interest that would arise if she were thrust into the presidency as a result of the coming impeachment.

Meanwhile, in the background, John Conyers will be holding hearings in the Judiciary (the committee that would write up the articles of impeachment). What we need to do is to pressure Pelosi not to interfere with Conyers' impeachment hearings. Sending her Do-It-Yourself impeachments legitimizes her when she joins the impeachment movement in the future.

Chuck Butcher said...

My best guess is that it's politically dangerous to go the impeachment route and there probably isn't the support inside the Party in the House. 08 is on their minds and it darn well should be.

If I had MY way, George II would be worrying about a jail cell.

Chuck Butcher said...

verasoie, good to see you. I hadn't thought about getting this to P&R, though I certainly wouldn't put OR delegation in that position, of carrying my water. US Postmaster would do. They don't have time to read it, but the sending might make me feel better.