Thursday, November 16, 2006

Carol Voisin

Today I pulled the Carol Voisin campaign links, I'm a little sad to see them go without a victory dance to accompany it. Carol tried something most people don't have the nerve to try, a run for national office. She tried something even tougher, a run against an incumbent. And then, since we're icing up a cake for her, she tried a run against more money than god in a Congressional District with close to 44R:32D (corrected thanks MB). If you don't think that's worthy of praise and admiration, you have a heart of stone and a head full of rocks.

Sure, I like Carol personally and it smarts when somebody you like doesn't win in an endeavor. There were some wins involved, Waldenbush had to spend money, the Democrats demonstrated that we exist out here, some of his nonsense was exposed, and Democratic policies were put up for view. The Primary and the General Elections demonstrated to the County Democratic Parties that they count.

So thanks Carol Voisin for giving us a voice and doing it in an honorable and dedicated manner, and thanks, especially, for demonstrating grace and courage in the face of huge odds.

Your Pal,


Mike Braymen said...

I would like to second Chuck in thanking Carol. I also want to clarify Chuck's 2R:1D. Registration in the 2nd CD from a report this last August was:
21-Not Affiliated
3-Other Party.

The non affiliated could be the difference in an election if they cast ballots more than about half as often as those affiliated with a party.

Chuck Butcher said...

Thanks Mike,
Correction made in article