Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Waldenbush and PACs

I find it informative that our Rep has raised $360,000 from PACs, I find it especially informative when the amount is broken down into contributors. has the breakdown of individual $280,000 and the PACs and they can be broken down into individual donors. Individual donors run about 75% in state vs 25% out of state ($70,000) but a quick read of the individuals starts to show a real large percentage that's out of district. Evidently these folks like his voting record a lot and would like him to stay in DC voting the ways they like. (a lot) What's that come out to per voter?

There was an amendment, 364 to HR 3010 that would put $7 billion into college student's loans by closing a loop hole that was putting billions into the hands of a few lenders, waldenbush voted against. It passed with 40 R's joining the D's, but I guess 2nd CD students have plenty of money available for college and some banks just aren't doing well enough for waldenbush. He didn't get ignored by banks in contributions... Somehow I had gotten the idea that higher education was important, I guess that sort of depends...