Friday, March 03, 2006

GWB Coat-tails

Riding the coat-tails of a fellow politician can work wonders for a campaign, sometimes. Then you could have coat-tails like President Bush's to ride. I'd pass. Unfortunately for him, waldenbush can't. Sure, he has a record to run on, or run away from if the President's record looks rather "icky", the problem is, he's earned my little monicker. He hasn't seen a Bushism that he doesn't like, no matter if it drives a dagger into the heart of rural America, no matter if the beneficiaries live somewhere completely different. If you vote with somebody who keeps failing the way the President has, sooner or later folks will see that you're a failure.

Boy, that $800,000 campaign chest of his is going to have it's work cut out for it, it'll take a few dollars to get people to forget. Anybody real curious how the 2nd Congressional District could finance an $800,000 campaign chest, this early? I live out here in Republican country, I don't see it. You don't suppose all those votes of his were worth something to somebody from somewhere else? No, surely not, waldenbush wouldn't represent other interests, would he?

Wouldn't he just.