Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Big Place

Oregon's 2nd Congressional District is rather large, in fact it's about 2/3 of Oregon's 98,000 sq mi. The Democratic Primary Race is going on the road in the 2nd CD, the candidates are going to visit pretty close to each county for Candidate Forums. I'll give you the current set-up courtesy of Pat Ackley, 2nd CD Caucus Chair:
3/18 Medford 3/19 Grants Pass
3/25 Hood River & The Dalles 3/26 Condon
4/1 LaGrande & Wallowa 4/2 Pendleton
4/7 Bend 4/8 Prineville 4/9 Redmond
4/22 Klamath Falls & Lakeview 4/23 Burns
4/29 Baker City & Ontario
Additions as they are scheduled

I look forward to getting around to the various counties and meeting the folks who live there. It's important to get my message out, but it's even more important to hear what the people who live in various areas think and what their problems are. I've traveled around the 2nd CD and worked various places, but my experience is limited as would be anyone's in such a vast area. I hope you'll come out to hear me and especially to talk to me about yourselves.

Now, of course, I have to make my boring pitch about campaign poverty and contributions:

Folks, this is a lot of miles to cover and gasoline isn't cheap, some folks have volunteered to open their homes and that sure helps and is gratefully received, but travel costs money. Getting a message out just isn't cheap. I think waldenbush's $800,000 is over-kill and ridiculous, but it is going to cost money. I know giving a contribution means going without something, but we've been going without something in DC for long enough and I think that's worth something as well. I'm not running to make some point, I'm not running just so there's a D against an R, I'm running because I can actually beat waldenbush and take something different to DC for you. I can be what I am, but you can make the difference.

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