Friday, March 03, 2006

Stepping Up

A number of you have stepped up and spoken with your wallets, the Campaign to Elect Chuck now has enough money to pay for the Voter's Pamphlet, $1000 for Federal candidates. This is a very public "Thank You," to those who've helped out. This is a major step forward, but it's just a step, Candidate Forums are now being scheduled all over the 2nd Congressional District and that means a lot of miles to travel and people to meet. Meeting people is truly important, not just for vote getting, I need to know what's going on where they are. I've traveled the 2nd pretty extensively, but I don't know every corner or what needs to be addressed everywhere. You tell me and I listen. Maybe I won't be "on the same page" with everyone's concerns, but I sure need to know what the page is.

This campaign is going to subsist on the contributions of ordinary folks and this is my PROMISE, you are who I will represent, in the Primary, in the General, and in Washington, DC. I can't be bought, I can't be scared, and I can't be pushed around. I'm not impressed by power, wealth, or six syllable words, I am impressed by honesty and hard work - you know - my neighbors in 2nd CD.

Something that needs to be said: everytime I receive a contribution I get another lesson in humility. Folks without much are spending money on a hope, on my voice. That's powerful stuff, it means I have to earn trust that's been given. I don't get to feel sorry for myself when I get tired or things aren't working well, I get to get on with it, I have debts to repay. That's the only way I can say, "Thank you," properly.

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Keep up the good work here