Friday, March 10, 2006

Burnt Allies?

David Ignatius in "Burning Allies-and Ourselves" (Washington Post 3/10) tells us what good guys the UAE are and how a runaway Congress wrecked a deal good for us. This, he writes, is a consequence of our post 9/11 Arab/Muslim phobia that our fearless leader GWB opposed in this deal. Evidently the Republicans listened to their constituents and revolted against King George. This came as a dismaying shock to David.

David Ignatius and President Bush are shocked... Give me a break, our fake cowboy president is shocked to learn that the American public has taken his overheated rhetoric regarding Islamic "terriss" seriously? He and his cronies stomp mudholes in our civil liberties in the name of fighting terrorism, they call any doubters unpatriotic or allies of terrorism and he's surprised when his crows come home to roost? When you run an election on scaring the pants off Americans and telling them you're the savior why be surprised when Americans don't like finding out that your oil buddies are buying control of our ports. If you've made that free with the truth it only makes some sense that somebody gets to pay for it, and as per usual it's the ones who put their faith in Dubya. The UAE just got a lesson in trusting GWB, at a 37% approval rating in the US it seems maybe the word is getting out.

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