Wednesday, March 01, 2006

So what's Howard Dean Done?

The DNC Lightening Rod, Dr Dean has put into operation a 50 State Strategy. Run for everything, win everything, this time or next in all 50. Big ideas? You bet. Oregon just got 4 field operatives with DNC salary and DPO expences. These folks are mid 20s political professionals who will be boots on the ground for the next 3 years of Deans term. Yes, a 36 County Strategy with specialists for increasing Democratic registrations & retention, political strategies, and coordination. I spent a couple hours with 2 of the field reps, excellent folks, smart, articulate, down home, and serious pros. Taking the Oregon House ought to be much more possible with these people. Dean is owed some thanks by Oregon's Democrats and later the State, as a whole, will be glad of it.

Not to mention the Democratic Party of Oregon's officers deserve some real credit, Jim Edmondson, Merideth Wood-Smith, Neel Pender, Jenny Greenleaf, and oh yeah, Wayne Kinney, our Eastern Oregonian. Tell them.