Friday, February 17, 2012

Yes Santa, There Is A Virginia

I've stolen the title from someone and I'll not try to out do
something this good. I will say that the insertion of objects into an unwilling participant is rape. The GOP would have you think their health insurance plan is government theft of freedom so it is obvious to me that all GOPers need to be asked about the process of the State requiring something be stuck into a woman's icky parts despite the entire lack of any medical necessity. This is an election after all.

This is all about the government shaming and otherwise making as unavailable as it can a medical procedure. This is somehow more acceptable to GOPers than Obamacare? Why aren't I hearing our liberal media asking questions about this?

The GOP is not now and has not been about smaller less intrusive government - unless one is talking about greed enabling - any more than it is about states as a legislative laboratory unless that involves taking things away from the general populace. They'd certainly like you to forget Oregon's assisted suicide law and what they tried there or how they'd like to deal with gay marriage.

Try to understand the abject stupidity of their stances - they are never against a state taking away or prohibiting something and they are all about stopping any state from giving or recognizing an ability. There is no core consistency for the simple reason that there is no core other than hate and resentment - and plutocracy.

These people hate you and resent you and there is absolutely no sense in playing patty-cake with them. If your candidate doesn't seem to recognize that maybe you need to ask them about it. Liberals...?

I've pretty much stopped auggesting policies because there is no point in it when the first issue of being hated and destroyed by the GOP is ignored. Why the hell can't Democrats wrap their little minds around the fact that Kaisich, Walker, Scott, the US House and the GOP Primary are all a piece of their politicking? All kinds of blame shifting going on - rather than the simple equation that "Not As Bad As" is not a goddam political party.

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