Thursday, February 02, 2012

Florida Primary Map

This is why Mitt is not the inevitible nominee

Mitt scored a 14 point victory over Newt in the Florida Primary but...
Mitt spent (sort of) about $21 for each vote, yep $16.7M for 770K votes is pretty expensive and that is only mass media advertising. The votes bought at that cost involved a 40% who wanted a different set of choices. Tanking Newt (of all people) for that kind of money didn't get Mitt any kind of love.

If you're thinking that your state doesn't look anything like Florida you may have missed that this is a GOP Primary and maybe you're unfamiliar with the GOP. Maybe you need to look at the winning GOPers in your state and what it took to get them there. A lot of you think Oregon is a real liberal state, not quite right. The actual left is about the same size it is anywhere else and about the same stance, the liberal part is about the same also, what is different is that the middle is just a tad more liberal and that is enough to tip elections. The Oregon GOP is not more liberal and its base is not in the least less, well what it is in even N Florida. If you take a look at the losing non-statewide GOP candidates you won't find that Newt doing well would be a real big damn surprise.

Laughing and pointing at South Carolina isn't smart nor accurate.

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