Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Catholic Cross To Bear - Sex Again

The American Catholic Church is in an uproar because the Government has told them that they along with the other businesses covered by ACA have to get health insurance that covers contraception. They want a religious exemption because their version of god doesn't like ... well women having sex without babies. You know, bumping the dirty parts together without the consequences of child birth.

Well here's the deal, the Catholic Church wants to engage in commerce and yet remain outside the rules of commerce. Now they call it conscience, but what is it that stops me from putting together The Church of Libertarianism and making one of the tenets of my profit Paul that I don't have to serve ni***rs or maybe that building codes are a matter of conscience or... You see, I don't get to because I'm engaged in an act of commerce and it is damn bad policy to let that... just go hang.

Well, the Catholic Church has been around for a real long time and it isn't just some made up... thing. Prove it isn't. Show me how their infallible word of god exempts this behavior and they don't still get to run the Inquisition. Go ahead and show me how it is that my working for one business rather than an other makes me a second class citizen. There isn't a damn thing in the ruling that says that any one of those employees is required to use any one of those products.

Well, you could work for another hospital... You sure could, if you didn't live here, you could unless you need to drive 45 miles through the mountains to get to the nearest non-Catholic hospital. Hey, well qualified RN, you don't get insurance access to contraception here, but that RN that does the same job over in La Grande sure does - and try to like this, that person pulling boards on the mill line gets it. By law.

If you reeeaaaalllly don't like that doing business has rules, then get the hell out of business or do it all with volunteers. If you're really that favored by god you shouldn't have a bit of trouble finding them. They can ... stuff their conscience.

BTW, before this shakes out the Catholics won't be the only ones squealing. Do you suppose they'll include treatment for pedophilia in their policies?


Chuck Butcher said...

IF 8% say a Trump endorsement makes them more likely to vote for someone and 26% say less, whose votes are being cadged? Still scared of the Newt, maybe?

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