Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Fire People Are Together Now

The Donald and the Mittens are on the same team now. The Mittens gratefully accepted The Donald's endorsement saying he also knows how to create jobs. Funny, The Donald is most famous for "You're Fired," though Mittens is gaining some ground on that one. We do know Mittens is RICH and that The Donald is supposed to be supposed to be REALLY RICH (analysis vairies) and they do share bankruptcies in their background - other people's in Mitt's case.

It has been pretty obvious from the outcomes of Citizen's United that RICH people really like to spend their money on Mittens. I'm a bit "Free Market" dubious that the money is getting spent out of altruism, in regard to the welfare of the general punlic. The plutocrats and their enablers have been informing us for years now that greed is good, that using money to get a lot more money is why the system works. That would cause some doubt about Mitt's claims that the poor and the rich are doing OK and he's concentrated on the Middle Class. If that were the actual case, you'd have to wonder why those RICH people are throwing money at Mittens to the degree they are. (sure at that income level a few millions is chump change)

Maybe the spectacle of two RICH guys making out on stage will get something across to the public. Don't bet your house on it (bet the bank might work).

See that liberal bastion Christian Science Monitor for analysis of Mitten's tax plan and the RICH.

What do you get when you combine two of the emptiest suits in the world on stage? The Donald's Mittens - possibly suitable for a hairpiece in some (one) circles.

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Chuck Butcher said...

If 8% say a Trump endorsement would make them more likely to vote for someone and 26% say less likely - whose vote is being cadged and why? Scared of the Newt?