Friday, February 17, 2012

Over A Cliff and liberals...?

There are Democrats and "liberals" who are managing to act surprised by what is going on in States and in the GOP Primary. Yes, they're astonished that Right To Work For Less passes in Indiana, that Walker, Kaisich, Scott, Mcdonnell exist and sign bills, that goddam birth control is a GOP issue. The really disgusting apologists try on the Dems stayed home in '10 bullshit. Another bunch blame the left for criticizing Obama and Congress. Some others want to blame Democratic over-reach in legislation.

If you look at who got clobbered in '10 it wasn't the progressive (it's a stupid label but I have to use something) folks ... it was the Blue Dogs. Try to get this, the people who lost ran on "we're just barely Democrats" and "I'm not as bad as." The thought process of those who stayed home and those who switched their voting isn't real available so one is left with trying to see what correlates with what.

The first thing is disgust and discouragement with the current ('10) environment. ACA polled badly - a GOP health insurance plan - polled badly and then those losers ran away from it. First Democrats passed a GOP national health care plan and then ran away from it because it was toooooo - much. They went along with the GOPers about deficits, only half-heartedly. They went along with the social warfare of plutocrats versus the rest and especially against the losers in that equation.

They did not stand up as Democrats and they did not stand up for the good of the general populace - no, they tried to spit the difference. They tried to muddy the waters by being almost GOPers. Within the Party and the "liberal" coterie there is the stupid lack of awareness that the GOPer policies of today are a direct result of the opposition to their views consistently shifting in their direction - and trying to muddy the waters.

Curiously you'd get the idea the this is some kind of purity test, a desire to ape the GOPers. Let's get down to a case, if you are not to the left of St Ronnie it is pure pretence to claim a (D) label. That is not a goddam purity test unless you propose that the Parties are all the same. The process of muddying the waters has allowed the GOP to define the terms of the argument, right down to things like "liberal." Media reporting facts and digging for facts becomes "liberal media." In point of fact, the Beatification of St Ronnie is a natural outcome of that muddying and defining.

I'm about sick and tired of my Party forcing me into taking a the label far-Left because they've become the GOP of yester-year. Not giving the voters a clear choice invites this kind of disaster. Right now the GOP is making it very easy to make clear differences, how would you like to make bets on how that one works out?

You "liberals" can kiss my butt, you're happy with a label that means you were just barely sane enough to run away from, almost, the GOP. Please, either pick your authoritarian plutocrats or pick the people or just go away and let that "liberal" tag actually mean something again - along with Democrat have actual meaning. Democrats? Run campaigns that put meaning back into the damn word so those "liberals" have to chose.

Liberal is a word so debased by the GOP and the Blue Dogs that polling Americans puts it around used car salesman. It does not belong there - but you've asked for and gotten it.

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