Friday, February 10, 2012

Mitt Plays Caude Rains Playing The Invisible Man

I guess today at the CPAC fantasy camp Mitt finally got the starring role he's been auditioning for - as Claude Rains as The Invisible Man. He stood up in front of god and everybody and started unwrapping... and voila - no more Mitt, he vanished like a fist when you open your hand (to steal from one of the best). The thing, of course if you read the book or watched the movie, a foggy drizzle took care of that vanishing act.

Romney has a record, both as a Governor and as several candidates.(I mean that just like that) There are laws, transcripts, audio tapes, and video tapes that will act as a foggy drizzle creating an outline. Since you're dealing with, well, CPAC there is no telling how that'll play. I, frankly, couldn't give less of a rat's ass what those CPACers do with the crap shoveled by Mitt, they're a smidgen of the general vote. I am glad that Mitt has put more stuff into the public record available to be used on him.

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