Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Too Bad For WI, NJ, OH, And ETC

My nose is a bit out of joint today. WI Senators are out of state to block stupid legislation. Ohio managed to vote Democrats out of a quorum call number so stupid legislation will go forward. NJ has its Governor all over media gloating about saving the rich and whacking everybody else.

I grew up in Ohio and got a really good primary education there. I also didn't like a lot about Ohio along with what I did like. I lived for awhile in WI as an adult, I mostly liked it. I've never even been to NJ.

Here you go, you people elected that bunch and there are consequences to elections. You're not going to like them. WI can maybe hold assholery off, Ohio can't, and NJ is whatever it is. It will take years for the shit to hit the fan as far as real outcomes are concerned. Crappy educational opportunities don't have immediate outcomes. Most of the real bad consequences won't fall on the general populace for quite awhile and that is the GOPers hope. Marginalizing smaller specific groups works just fine for awhile.

There have been outcomes of the GOPer crap that came home to roost fairly recently - financial meltdown being one. It may (probably not) dawn on people that the rich are cleaning up and they're getting screwed. I'd not give a damn if teachers and etc fled those states, what is too bad is that they get screwed whatever they do and what happens to those voters who elected them won't happen currently enough to make them cry.

I'd be hugely pleased if the voters took one in the eye for their votes soon enough to teach them something. Pah, won't happen. The GOPers will get away with this crap for a good long time. Their voters deserve what they get, too bad for the rest of you. Really, you did this to yourselves - maybe to the benefit of the rest of the nation, but I doubt that - also, too. (TM SP)

Democrats, when you play at being GOPer Lite; why are you surprised when the real things get elected and Democrats can't get warmed up about you and Indies don't give a damn? "Not as bad as ..." isn't a real vote getter. I wonder what the 2040 elections will look like?*

*thinking about that too much could lead to total disconnect from politics and pretty much everthing else.


The Ex-Wiz said...


Hell, I'm worried to death about there being no acceptable (to me) candidates in 2012.

Like you alluded to, what does being Rethug-lite buy me other than continuing poverty?


I'd be hugely pleased if the voters took one in the eye for their votes soon enough to teach them something.

Chuck Butcher said...

yeah, well a lot of your "liberal" friends will tell you that GOP-lite is what it takes.

SButcher said...

I think the voters will see the results of being so gullible in short order when so many of the things they take for granted go on the chopping block. This may unite and bring the dems to their senses. Too bad people don't watch news instead of reality shows. Who is getting all the attention of "news"? Charlie Sheen!, not the mess in Wi. and Ohio etc. or the killings in Laybia and our troops dying in Afganistan. Sheeze!

Chuck Butcher said...

The news isn't a hell of a lot of use anymore.