Thursday, March 03, 2011

Black? What Does It Take?

For those who assert that racism is a small component of US society; I'd like to pose a question. What exactly does it take for a black (or other) to make it and be regarded as a model? One of the favorite responses is to point at sports and say, "Oooh, look." which is absolute horseshit. Professional atheletes are a vanishingly small proportion of the population and engage in what is essentially circus. I root for the Browns (pointless) but I recognize that even the unlikely event of a Browns' Superbowl win in some recognizable future means exactly not shit to the health and well-being of the nation.

What has meaning happens in the work place, politics, and out in public. Walking down a street populated primarily by blacks (minorities) and having no reaction to the fact is progress. The hiring of minorities and their advancement in the workplace happening matter of factly rather than exception is progress. Having a black President who is assailed on true policy differences rather than mythic upbringing (or actual upbringing) or "otherness" is progress. I'm not going to bother saying spit about religious minorities. Go ahead and point out how this is the factual situation of the US society today.

I regards to the President of the US; you would think that the Republican ideal of up from humble roots by bootstraps would apply. They insist that is the reality of the American Dream and that it is there for everyone. Pay attention to the policy stuff of the very people claiming something to do with Obama's otherness - it is wrapped in that rhetoric.

So what am I doing here? Pointing out that the GOP is a lying hypocritical organization? I suppose and I suppose that I'm making the mistake of pointing to the obvious - also, too (TM SP).

Maybe you get some feeling for my disdain for any State outside the Confederacy having difficulties for electing these assholes. Yeah, and I live in a reliably GOP CD in Oregon so it isn't parochial of me.

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SButcher said...

We take a step forward and two back or so it seems. It is hard not to get very cynical!