Thursday, March 17, 2011

GOP Defining Insanity

One of the "recovery community's" sayings has to do with insanity. 'Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.' In regard to the "modern" GOP is would seem that both they and the voters suffer from mind boggling insanity. If it just stopped with a political party it would be bad enough.

What just kills me is that over the past four decades the GOP drives the country into a ditch and the Democrats partly dig it back out and the voters put the GOP back into that driver's seat. They then proceed to crash the car again and we're in a worse position than before since it was only partially repaired previously. As your shampoo bottle says, "wash, rinse, repeat."

I admit to some pretty strong feelings about the Democrats' inadequate ability or dedication to putting the wheels back on the wrecked car. I sure the hell don't understand, even with all the social warfare crap, the voters' decisions as demonstrations of sanity. Other than their self-labeling I cannot understand the idea of the GOP as being fiscally responsible and I sure can't see how their victims see it.


Bpaul said...

I just wrote a long, hopefully interesting, rant and it bugged when I tried to post it. I'm using this comment as a test to see if anything will post.


Bpaul said...

Second try.

I've developed a theory that I've wanted to run past you for a while.

It seem that, no matter which party gets elected, Big Money (should I say Huge Money, Obscenely Huge Money?) gets whatever it wants.

Congress is taken over in a landslide election by the Dems, and not weeks later Pelosi takes Impeachment off the table, and pulling our troops out of the two wars.

Obama promises to close Guantanamo, but not only keeps it open, but continues to support the policy of "indefinite detainees." [this one made me so mad that I had to take a few days... so, so angry].

So the Dems promise to fight all sorts of Big Money policies that are unpopular, and then when they get elected, punk out.

The Repugs, of course, just bang swords and yell over and over again until lower class and middle class voters somehow come to believe that union busting, lowering environmental standards and minimum wage will help them.

[I'll continue below, in case I lost the last post due to length]

Bpaul said...

In the end, the strategies to get elected are what differ most about the two parties at this point.

Yes, some appointments are helpful on the Dem side, and some campaign promises must be kept to continue being elected -- but over the big issues, the huge issues, Money gets what it wants.

I really had to think about the Guantanamo thing. I believed (naively or no) that Obama wanted to close that place down. Now he's saying that detainees must be kept indefinitely because "there isn't enough evidence to try them." What!!???

So I thought about it, long and hard. What the hell does Big Money want with Guantanamo.

Enemies. Big money needs Enemies -- and how better to create enemies than Guantanamo's Indefinite Detainees.

Pick up some taxi driver (make sure he's Muslim, of course) who was turned in for 15 grand by some dude who probably has a grudge against him. Hold him for ... 7 years? 8? Torture him to the point of permanent psychological and physical damage. Then just let him go back home.

That little town in [place the name of any Muslim country here] now hates the U.S. They hate us with a burning, vengeful intensity that's personal, that's real, that's rekindled every time their former taxi driver limps down the street.

An Enemy Machine -- so the U.S. voters will keep putting idiots in office who promise us safety.

Mission Accomplished.

Chuck Butcher said...

I am real sure "huge money" runs the show, the question being just how badly and how quickly you'll get screwed.

As to Gitmo, remember that Congress blocked Obama on that issue, so his alternatives were seriously reduced.

I have no idea how to address the money thing, as long as broadcasted (print, etc) speech costs money, then money does equal speech. Waking the sheep up is not easy when their burning issues are gays or whatever shiny object is current. That includes people who trumpet DADT as a big win, it addresses a vanishingly small number

Bpaul said...

In my first rendition of that rant, I said something along the lines of "naive as it may seem, I honestly believe that Obama wanted to close Gitmo before he was elected." He's absolutely been blocked by the powers that be, I don't deny that for a second.

mikeb302000 said...

I hate the Republicans and the conservatives, usually they're the same - I hope that doesn't offend. But I've grown terribly disappointed with Obama, like many liberals. Mainly I don't like Guantanamo and the 3 wars. But today I watched the Inside Job and feel more convinced than ever that they're all(the politicians) the same.