Tuesday, March 01, 2011

How GOP Governors Lie

I give you the following without any desire to harm your active brain cells, but you may be taking a risk.

Now, this is the RGA's new ad buy in Wisconsin. Does anybody notice a problem with what they're saying? Like how the public unions have already agreed to the pensions aspects of the Governor's plan? How the Senate Democrats left the state over something a bit different than the pension issues?

In point of fact the entire ad is full of shit since the issue is collective bargaining and nothing to do with what they have to say. This is what you get when you vote for this kind of human garbage - outright lies. The human garbage part isn't about their "idiotology;" it is about buying time to say complete untruths in search of their political ends. This isn't framing, it is flatly untrue, and it tries to do something to people while calling it something else.

Liar's Dice is a game and everyone knows what it is and what the object is - politics is not liar's dice.

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