Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where's The Jobs, GOPers?

OK, I'm not advocating something as stupid as that sounds, any government action takes time to work into results. I'm not even asking where the voted on bills are. What I'd like to know is where are the concrete proposals about something other than going to war with women and low income earners?

No shit. All the talk about job killing stimulus and other crap and nothing to offer? What is offensive is that they get to do this 'for free.' The Obama Admin. had a stimulus proposal on the table virtually when the walked in the door. Whether you argue it worked or not (I'd say yes) is immaterial to this question. You GOP buttheads have been screaming from Inauguration that Obama was wrecking the country and going on and on about everything the Democrats have proposed or done and you have not one damned thing ready to offer? What? You haven't had time to put something together?

Who the hell is going to call them out on their crap? (that would be other than $0.02 bloggers)


Phaedrus said...

The conservative line for this is that removing taxes and gov't regulations frees the invisible hand of the market to create jobs.
Now, some believe this and some know it's bunk and don't care, but they've sold this line to their base and so, from the conservative voter's perspective, they're reps are providing job stimulus

Chuck Butcher said...

Sure, and then there is the little issue of the number of jobs created in eight years of BushCo tax cuts ... not spit. Buuuutttt... TAXES!!!

Phaedrus said...

Yeah, I've had this discussion with conservative friends, and we get to the part where we compare tax rates to economic growth and... at that point conservatives dis-engage and "we have to agree to disagree".

Facts are to conservatives what garlic is to vampires.