Friday, February 11, 2011

St Ronnie Tore That Wall Down

According to current GOP mythology R Reagan took a sledgehammer to the Berlin Wall and then a wrecking ball to the USSR. Those who had watched the slow disintigration of the Soviet Union and Soviet Bloc for decades might disagree with that theme, but the right is more than satisfied with such a thing because it fits their we're the greatest stuff going idea.


Is Obama the great one who Presided over Tunisia, Egypt, and who knows where next? Assuming it works out better than, say, Russia? Not a chance with the right (GOP), not a chance in hell - you could half expect GWB to get their credit or ... well you could take a look at Glenn Beck and the horrors that will be unleashed by the Caliphate.

I do think our President did a good job with a chaotic situation and no, I don't expect airports to be named for him because those nations' people had enough. Not one bit more than I approve of the St Ronnie myth.


joycemocha said...

Hey, given the choice we had in the general election, I wanted the grownup in charge of things just because of situations like Egypt.

The whole St. Ronnie thing makes me gag, gotta say.

Chuck Butcher said...

I think the Pres nicely cut the line of too much and too little in a really fluid chaotic situation. As the college essays used to say, "Compare and contrast."

Chuck Butcher said...

St Ronnie:
I laugh when the same conservatives who railed about what a shitty system communism is hand the credit to Ronnie and ignore the outcome predictable by such a system. It is a shitty system - it will fail. It does take time, though.