Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Center Right Nation, My Ass

It is one of the GOP mantras that this is a center right nation and it is often repeated by the media - other than FauxNews. It is reflected in the character of the Blue Dogs and even the current President and certainly the previous Democratic President. Worse, it is politically an understatement. By vote and results this place is a nut job right winger paradise compared to any other advanced industrial nation.

That statement considers rightwing to include plutocratic policies, imperialistic warmongering, racist and classist policies, and theocratic desires. It doesn't have spit to do with financial responsibility or any sort of unintended consequences analysis of policy.

Sure, this place isn't as theocratic as Israel or Iran - but it will be a cold day in hell before a non-believer or Muslim is elected to President; or could get onto the SCOTUS. While we've got 1 1/2 wars going on, there's little point in beating the imperialistic warmongering aspect. As we are essentially subsidized one way trade with China (amongst others) and ship overseas jobs and illegally import labor for the ones that can't be out-sourced and hand out tax breaks for the process it would be hard to argue that labor means shit to this country. We support and subsidize the masters of the universe with a capital gains tax that is less than the SS/FICA rates paid by all labor and that they don't pay on that money. All over this country "heroes" of the right are engaged in re-defining rape, insisting abortion is some kind of monstrosity in all cases, and wallowing in re-fighting the Civil War. When a State actually wants to put a puke like Nathan Bedford Forrest on a goddam license plate and its Governor with national aspirations can't say, "Whoa, bad idea," it is time to rethink ethnic cleansing. The swath Sherman cut across the south was obviously not wide enough and not inclusive enough - they continued to breed.

Financial responsibility? Why bother to have a brain and even consider debating this one? Our tax policies promote the pillaging of the national treasury by warmongers and other plutocrats and then puts the onus on those least able to pay for that subsidy. This results in 12% (or so) of the actual budget getting axe consideration and the T-Rex in the living room thriving on invisibly. (huh?) It is almost as though the economic policy of the last 30 years has been to turn this place into a banana republic with trappings of integrity. The GOP myth making around St Ronnie is coupled with the liberal myopia regarding Bill Clinton into absolute disregard of the consequences or even truths surrounding the actions of those characters in regard to the economy.

The United States House of Representatives is controlled by a political party that makes its political capital off screaming socialism, warmongering, gutting a social safety net, and fighting for the Lost Cause - with all its attendant racist aspects - all the while disregarding the descent of this nation into a third world status thanks to their behavior. The most ascendant wing of that party is hard to distinguish from the John Birchers and the KKK all married to a Christianity that almost completely ignores its namesake.

The "liberals" in this mess are impressed with the fig leaves of DADT and a pseudo-capitalistic-monopolistic-socialized Health Care and vote for more of the same. The outcome of having large Democratic majorities in the House and Senate with a Democratic President resulted in 80's GOP legislative victories and percentage population effects in "liberal" policies that are vanishingly small. However nasty DADT was, the number of people affected was minuscule compared all the rest of the nastiness that's going on. So the mindless political nay-saying lockstep of the GOP has been rewarded with ... the House.

I don't look for any better results down the road until stupidity has had its shot at running the show and smashed things good. The question is whether this place can recover from that kind of thing. I wish I didn't have a grand kid...

...what, you think I'm a little pissed-off?


The Ex-Wiz said...

Me too, Chuck!

You said it for me and thousands of others who are heartsick at what this country has turned into under Dem "leadership."



Time for a revolt?


Chuck Butcher said...

Get whom to revolt? The same idjits that figured Obama and the Dems went too far? The 12% union membership that is pissed about WI? I'd give (generously) a 25% electorate that sees things something like I do - or you. That won't do.

What you will get is the same run to the center by (D)s that is now what used to be near wingnut land. I had hoped to see the dialogue pushed back somewhat left ... heh.

Bpaul said...

I agree completely.

What to do? For now, I'm registered Green -- because the Dems have abandoned me, hard.

And, because if there isn't clean air to breathe, water to drink, and soil to grow in, the rest of all this politicing is seriously farting in the wind. I'm sticking with my core values and fuck em.

I went Dem for Obama's election, and although I don't regret my decision, I'm definitely back to Green, probably for life.

We need other parties, and for them to exist, people have to register with them.

Rock on Chuck, always a breath of fresh air to stop by this blog,