Tuesday, February 15, 2011

51% GOP Primary Voters Morons

Polls are only as good as the questions and the methodology but if this one is remotely accurate, well, the comparison to morons may be insulting to morons. 51% believe the President was not born in the US and only 28% believe he was which leaves that 21% who are only doubtfully stupid who don't know. I'm scarcely going into the evidence that he is a citizen but one does have to wonder if GOP policies are a reflection of that electorate.

I'd say stupid is a feature of GOPness rather than a side issue. You will note that the GOP leaders all hedge around this with, "I think so, but I won't tell anyone what to think," kind of horseshit.

There was a time I'd take a look at a Republican to see what was going on with them and have on a couple occasions voted for one. No more, I don't care - it is auto-pilot, the (D) gets the vote and it's done. What they can get from me anymore is mockery. That is pathetic.


Six_of_One said...

This is a prime example of the logical fallacy known as "invincible ignorance." No fact, no reality, no statistic, nothing will change what GOPers call their minds. The GOP is now their church, god and savior rolled into one, and nothing outside of that has any relevance to them.

SButcher said...

The mentality behind this is beyond me! I always thought Colorado was a great state until I heard the latest pipe dream on their move to change citizen ship to being based on both parents being born in the USA. Of course not retroactive. Not directed at any one person, HA!

Chuck Butcher said...

This is an outcome of democracy where ignorance is increased by media and common culture, played on by the plutocrats and their enablers, and lies are never called out.

It is getting pretty difficult to see why this country doesn't deserve a GOP Prez and Congress so they can do what they say. That would be pretty tough on a lot of people but the only lessons gotten so far seem to be that Democrats need to be GOP lite. Incremental blood letting versus wholesale gutting?