Friday, February 18, 2011

As Goes Wisconsin, So Goes...

The Teabaggery theme is being played out in Wisconsin. Too bad, I lived there for awhile quite some time ago and there was a lot to like about the place. (I don't include the sub-sub zero February) The history of the State in regard to Labor is remarkable, as remarkable as this turn-around ought to be.

I don't think the WI experiment is anything like a one-off. I think this is pretty much the first shot of the GOP at the one single entity that can stand up at all to the beneficiaries of the Citizen United decision. If it sputters it is because of the turn out in Wisconsin. Don't count on that, the GOP doesn't give shit about people in the streets if expensive wealthy things aren't on fire. I don't advocate breaking things or burning them.

One might look to someplace like France for what it is that does count to people like the GOP. When every Union worker in the State walks out in solidarity, then the message gets sent. When not one AFSCME is at work and is joined in that state of being by every Teamster, AFL-CIO, etc the message will get real clear. When wealth sees itself paralyzed it will back off, otherwise... Ohio? Michigan? ETC?

This ain't done but losing it will really mean something to an awful lot of people all around this country. Any Democrat that comes down on the wrong side of this one ain't one.

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joycemocha said...

What I'm finding impressive (and is giving me the cold chills) is that Egyptians are sending messages of support (and pizza slices!) to Wisconsin protesters. Could it be...maybe a global awakening?

I'm a cockeyed optimist. But maybe, just maybe....