Friday, May 21, 2010

Why Rand Paul Is Fun

No, it isn't because he says what he believes and that it is a stupidly unworkable mash of magical thinking mixed in with FYIGM*. It isn't that his ideas would put the US back to the Robber Baron Era at best. It isn't that greed, classism, and racism are the natural outcomes of that "philosophy." The (") marks are deliberate, go look at the founder of and the tenets of Libertarianism and even that laughable mess isn't what makes this fun.

What makes this fun is that what Rand Paul has the bad judgement to state baldly (and badly) is the operating philosophy of the Teabaggers and the GOP when it is out of public view. Nah, they're embarrassed to have it out there for god and everybody to see but it isn't as though there's any fundamental disagreement about the ideas. Neither of those two organizations want blunt statements that make clear what the outcomes of their entire movements entail, they want to use silly "uninforming" buzz words instead. They want to rail against socialism rather than tell you that burying miners for profit is a good thing. They do not want to address the things that most people want as results being undone by their junk ideas because they'd be laughed off the public stage.

Even the laughable Libertarianism of Rand Paul is really weak tea as Libertarianism, when it is in reality today's GOP point of view. It says nothing about the massive government handouts to big (really big) business but howls about something entirely other than Paul's Medicaid payments - like anything poor people get. Paul's version of Libertarianism includes prohibition of marijuana which under most Libertarian views is over-reach. It is straight up GOP nonsense dressed up in a label and something the GOP doesn't want out there. The GOP doesn't want a Paul saying racism is an outcome of the dogwhistle dogcrap the GOP presents. The Confederate Party of Republicanism wants to whisper its appeal not have it laid straight out. None of the successful GOP pols wants to have "nigger" signs at their rallies even though they want that vote. The Teabaggery wing presents an embarrassment of riches, a self-organizing wing but one that holds up a public face the GOP doesn't want "out there."

The fun is having the real face, the one even the Limbaugh/Becks deny, out there where the general public can see it and watching the CPoR try to run away from it. You get a complete dick like Sen John Kyl talking about 2AM dorm talk being separate from day to day politics - while he does exactly the same thing without being "clear" about it. It would be even more fun if one could have some confidence that the general voting public was remotely aware of the circus.

Go ahead, hold your breath.

*(F--k You I Got Mine)


Anonymous said...

From SIA
Like this post alot.
"The fun is having the real face, the one even the Limbaugh/Becks deny, out there where the general public can see it and watching the CPoR try to run away from it."
Great blog Chuck. Saw you have a pyrennes - our Maggie that we lost last Sept. was 1/2 GP - other half golden. Best dog I've ever had, seen, or known.

Anonymous said...

Rand Paul is fun because he is for all persons whether:
Goldman & Sachs,
Exon & Mobil,
or Rich & White

Great blog by the way.

Chuck Butcher said...

Hey SIA!!

Also once had a half Scotts Collie/Pyr - best dog ever.

Tnx for really kind words. This place get's BJ's one hour hits in a week. (unless I blogwhore there)

Chuck Butcher said...

Tnx Anon9:56, glad to have you.

Make life easy and use one of options to give yourself a handle when you come back - hopefully.