Thursday, May 20, 2010

Libertarian Teabaggery Racism On Display In Kentucky

I have made the point on some other forums that I don't know if Rand Paul is an overt racist or not; since I have no mind reading abilities. I will also state quite simply that it really doesn't make spit's difference in regard to him or Libertarianism or its stepchild Teabaggery. The bottom line of that idiotology is that it is a fig leaf for greed, selfishness, and classism all of which quite nicely include in nasty old racism. Let's be real clear, no matter how delusional, mistaken, simple minded the Randroid view is; it is also the enabler of all those things.

Let's actually take seriously the Randroid Paul idea that private business should be outside the Federal mandates about, oh say - serving blacks at a lunch counter. How exactly is the counter owner's refusal to serve or allow entrance to be enforced in the face of an intransigent black person? Somewhere in that transaction the law will wind up being involved so how does it stay neutral? How many establishments in a town have to engage in such behavior before it rises to legal notice, one, some, all? At what point does it become so institutionalized as to deny citizens the ability to participate at all? What possible magical free market hand is going to rectify that? Don't bother going to a bank for a loan to open a black only spot, they also don't need to loan money to either that "type" or such a "risky proposition." Is it Jim Crow minus the legal sanctions? Hardly, not if my "black" self is hungry and doesn't have a place to eat and insists on being fed - that particular situation is not going to end well and the law will be involved.

The collision between reality and the magic of Libertarianism is continual and accounts for its inability to deal with something like abortion. It makes statements that cannot be made to work, it is as though these people are cloistered on some Edenic planet where all problems simply do not exist and we're supposed to take a politician seriously who espouses such thinking?

The outcomes of their idiotology are a stratification of society to the point where the recourse of those on the out is force. That is the final free market solution - I can kill you. It is the ultimate in exchange, whether you are allowed to continue breathing or not.

It matters not in the least that Rand Paul has real affection for ... (whatever group) ... his policy ideas are de facto racist, classist, and ultimate greedhood. Attacking him as a racist in a political campaign is probably not a very good idea but pointing out that his ideas taken seriously lead to those outcomes probably is not only a fine idea but has the additional virtue of being true. I'm also pretty sure a coal state like KY has miners who might not care for the idea of the end of those nasty Federal regulations regarding safety and wage...

Hanging an "all" on the on the mess that was Ayn doesn't remove that stain. Trying to back pedal from statements to avoid the tag "racist" doesn't remove the outcomes inherent in that woman's pathetic attempts to create a philosophy out of complete disregard for your fellows in society. It requires no moral treatise on Christian values or any other such exercise to recognize the harm to society that is done when such nonsense is taken seriously. Oh for sure, "Watch out DC the Teaparty is on its way."

Rand Paul and his ilk can spend a whole bunch of time denying racism or other labels that fit the outcomes of their ideas. The racists and greed heads know better, they know who will benefit them and you can bet Paul For Senate will do well in that nasty corner. The question is whether Kentucky can live up to some other reputation than a hell hole of inbred racist hillbilly pricks deserving the appellation Confederate Party of Republicanism.

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