Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Our Elected Terrorists

Look two posts down and you'll see why I get upset about little things like the idjits John McPOW and his ilk are prone to saying. Goddam, it's not about politics it is about terror and the aims of terror.

The aim of terror is to influence the policy direction of a nation. Get that? The aim isn't killing people, it is to influence policy. If you change the fundamentals of your nation in response they have succeeded. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are the Basic Law of the US, they are not just some ideas bruited about by the Right or the Left. I don't give a damn if the terrorism is about guns or legal process or the right to assemble or what the hell ever, you are a pissant and coward to let them win. Pissants and cowards are now trying to drive the national direction in service to political advantage available from kowtowing to terrorists and they become, in that endeavor, the fellow travelers of terrorists.

The hell with them. The hell with those who don't call them out. The hell with their supporters. Pissants and cowards - the bunch of them.

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