Monday, May 17, 2010

Does Beck Really Mean It?

When you listen to or watch Glenn Beck a question has to occur to you, "Does he really mean this?" He certainly does say things that run pretty much counter to mainstream commentary or one-ups it considerably (I'm using a real loose definition of mainstream here). It has been demonstrated pretty consistently that his version of reality manages to miss the truth and makes some real imaginative associations and all of that is quite publicly available. There sure do seem to be a sizable number of people who take Glenn Beck seriously. The question lays there - seemingly unanswered except by speculation.

I am not a psychiatrist and practising such a thing on a blog is pretty questionable but there ought to be some doubt about the presented level of sanity. I have been known to get "excitable" about politics and I do take it seriously. I do not resort to tears. I know that an accomplished actor can cry on demand, although some rather famous professionals have been known to resort to artificial aids to do it. I don't take the tears too seriously but the rhetoric is another question. I can't tell you who writes his on air stuff, whether it is his, mostly his, or mostly not - but he certainly spouts it. (I looked, but not real hard) You do have to want to believe what he has to say to believe it and I do sometimes wonder if that isn't the case with Glenn himself.

Feel free to weigh in, I've certainly not made any sort of a case...


The Chinuk said...

I agree with Mike Malloy on this one ... Beckerwood does it because he can. Because he's wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice, has a ton of brainless admirers, and loves nothing more to agitate people until they start biting each others' heads off ... because he's sure he's wealthy enough that he's insulated from the s**tstorm that's likely to follow.

In short, he does it for sport.

We not only look like ants to him from a plane, we look like ants to him if we were right in front of his pasty face.

And he's the big kid with the magnifying glass, thinking to fry us with concentrated sunlight.

Chuck Butcher said...

Because he can? Hmmm...might be so.